Become an Australian Citizen

Many people who hold Australian permanent residency are unaware that their visa can be cancelled. We believe if you are eligible for citizenship, then you should apply.


Pathways to Australian Citizenship

There are different ways to become an Australian citizen.

The most common pathways are:

  • Citizenship by conferral – permanent residents who meet the residency requirement 
  • Citizenship by descent – your parent was an Australian citizen when you were born overseas 

Let our friendly team of Immigration Lawyers assist you becoming an Australian Citizen


Putt Legal are your specialists in Immigration Law. We can assist you in making your migration to Australia seamless.

The Australian visa process can be complex and confusing; our lawyers work with you to guide you through every step of the way.

We are highly qualified and experienced in immigration law matters and are committed to providing expert advice in every individual case.

Work Visas

Coming to Australia to work? We can help!

Visa Refusals & Cancellations

Has your visa been refused or cancelled? Time is short! Let our expertise guide you.

Legal Assistance for Migration Agents

If you’d like us to advise or help you with a difficult case, arrange an appointment.

Family Visas

Are you looking to bring a child, parent or relative to Australia? We can help!

Partner & Spouse Visas

Are you looking to bring your partner or spouse to Australia? We can help!

Appeal against Adverse Migration Decisions

If you require help with an appeal against an adverse migration decision (refusal or cancellation), we can help!

Talk to our friendly immigration team today!

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