Finding a Job in Australia

 How to find a sponsored job in Australia? 

This is a question that numerous people ask frequently. Here at Putt Legal, we know migration matters so we have compiled some steps to help you. 

Finding an Australian employer who will sponsor can be extremely difficult. For some, this part of the process can stop them from emigrating to Australia. We hear from many people that their search for a sponsor has them applying to adverts on job search websites when they are overseas and do not hold a substantive visa to travel.

We plan to help ease your search by setting out how to tap into the job market in Australia.


  1. Research Australian Skill Shortages Lists and Seek Sponsored Visa Opportunities in Areas with Labour Shortages

The current Australian Government has prioritised helping regional areas by filling labour shortages. You will often find Australian employers advertising that they’re looking for someone to sponsor from overseas in regional Australia. The main reason being, they have already searched locally and cannot find an Australian in the area to fill the skill set required. 

Foreign nationals should review the skills shortages lists. Then look at regions where there is a significant demand for your trade by researching the number of positions advertised in your field in that regional area. 

Look at and Gumtree Australia and refine your search to regional areas. Contact the companies that you are interested in, sending them your most recent resume / CV and inquire as to whether they have any opportunities available. 

Larger companies like mining firms usually have a “Careers” section on their website. Career sections enable job seekers to search for their current vacancies, and also to submit their resume and cover letter into their database.  


  1. Check Forums on Social Media

Facebook has lots of different private groups, where many people advertise positions or know companies that are looking. Some we follow are: 

LinkedIn is another fantastic social media site designed for professional networking and has the benefit of assisting employers in finding you. 


  1. Look for Global Companies

Look for companies who are global, in particular those companies that have a base in both your home country and in Australia. You could approach these companies to find out if they offer transfer opportunities – quite often, global companies do. 


  1. Visit Australia

Compile a list of companies you would like to work for in Australia. When you have a substantial list of companies you would like to work for, write to them and let them know you are coming to Australia on a trip and would like to meet up and discuss sponsorship opportunities. If you get a few appointments, book a flight and visit. 


  1. Working Holiday Visa Programs 

If you are eligible, come to Australia on a working holiday visa. This will give you up to three years to live and work in Australia. This visa pathway increases most people’s chances of finding a sponsor significantly and it also allows you time to see if you want to live in Australia. 


  1. Study in Australia

Have you been considering courses or further education? You can study in Australia provided you are eligible for a student visa. Student visas let you work a certain number of hours a week and also open the door to further visa options such as graduate visa pathways. 

Studying in Australia is an excellent opportunity for you to network, while gaining valuable Australian experience and qualifications. This pathway will give you an advantage when applying for jobs as you will be already here. 

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