Genuine Position Report 

To employ an overseas worker, an employer must prove to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) that the nominated position is genuine. 

 Putt Legal can prepare a Genuine Position Report (GPR) for employers.  

 A GPR covers information that DHA will ask to see covering: 

  • business products and services, 
  • how the position fits within the company’s current staffing levels,  
  • descriptions and analysis of the nominated position concerning ANZSCO, 
  • a detailed analysis, covering the requirements of the job,  
  • a submission about the candidate’s skills and experience. 

Putt Legal GPR Service

 By submitting a GPR alongside the company’s nomination application, the case officer will identify the genuine need for the employer to recruit overseas labour due to local shortages of Australian labour.  

Our report consists of the following documents:

  • Staff organisational chart 
  • Description of goods and services provided by the business
  • Explanation of how the role contributes to the productivity of the company.  

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