July 1 typically marks the start of the new migration program year when the Australian Federal Government releases visa quotas for subclasses 189, 190 and 491. However, the Department of Home Affairs has advised the State/Territory Government’s that they would not yet be receiving nomination allocations for skilled visa subclasses 491 & 190 on July 1 2020.

Jessica Edis Principal Lawyer with Putt Legal said:

Today’s announcement from the Department of Home Affairs means Australian State & Territory governments’ cannot nominate either existing or intending applicants for visa subclasses 491 or 190. The Australian Federal Government will deliver its 2020/21 budget on October 6 2020, and it is anticipated that allocations for these visas may be announced then. For the time being, the State & Territory migration programs are temporarily closed.

Together with 189 invitations being extremely low at present, today’s news is disappointing for potential visa applicants. I want to emphasise more than ever the importance of finding an employer who is willing to sponsor.
It was not all bad news today; it appears the Department of Home Affairs did not increase the visa application charges for 2020/21 financial year”.

We understand these temporary measures will be a massive disappointment for the many thousands of potential applicants who have made preparations to apply for a skilled visa pathway. We encourage anyone who was planning on lodging a skilled application to contact our team to discuss other possible routes. It appears the Federal Government have decided to hold off increasing visa fees at this point. You can follow our Facebook and Instagram for immigration updates, and if the fees change, we will keep you updated.

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