On 16 November 2019 the Department of Home Affairs commenced two new skilled regional visas, both of which have a pathway to permanent residence:

  1. Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa – Subclass 494

  2. Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa – Subclass 491.

Both visas will be available to Perth residents – in other words, Perth is considered to be part of “regional Australia” once more. In fact, the only cities that are now excluded are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This is welcome news!

The Subclass 494 visa program will be available to prospective applicants whose occupation is either on the Medium to Long Term Occupation List or the Regional Occupation List. You will need an employer to sponsor you, in much the same way as a TSS visa. You will also need a Migration Skills Assessment in your nominated occupation, Competent English and 3 years’ fulltime work experience in a relevant position (and from the last 5 years).

The Subclass 491 visa program is a point-tested visa, available to prospective applications whose occupation is on a list published by each of the Australian States & Territories. For example, if you want to check if you will be eligible for this visa in Western Australia, you will need to check the WA Occupation List. Points are allocated in the same manner as the 189 and 190 visas – that is, according to Age, English language ability, Qualifications, Employment Experience, etc. The Department will also now allocate you additional points if you are single, or if you have an Australian partner, or if you have a “skilled” partner.

Both visas are granted for a period of 5 years. However, once you have held the visa for a minimum of 3 tax years – and you are able to demonstrate that you have lived and worked in “regional Australia” earning above $53,900 per year – then you will be eligible to apply for a newly introduced Permanent Residence Skilled Regional visa – subclass 191.

Both visas cost $4045 for the primary applicant; $2025 for a partner; and $1010 for a dependent child under 18 years of age.

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