International Money Transfer – Introducing our partner MoneyCorp

So, you’ve finally had your visa granted – thanks to Putt Legal! – and are making plans to migrate to Australia for good.  One of the next hurdles to overcome is HOW to make the move, not just your possessions, but your life savings.

In our experience, one of the best decisions you can make is to use a foreign exchange specialist. Banks can do the job but they charge a fortune and often take longer to process your transaction.

Putt Legal recommends the exchange experts MoneyCorp.

MoneyCorp has been helping both individual and corporate clients since 1979.

MoneyCorp has a team of dedicated individuals who have a long and extensive careers within the Financial Services Industry.  And they have a unique approach to serving their clients’ currency needs: they listen!  

MoneyCorp’s size is a big part of their success.  They are large enough to undertake the largest transfers, yet small enough to add the personal touch to every transaction they make for their customers.  They facilitate countries to 177 countries and effect over 7 million customer transactions per year.  And they have 780+ dedicated employees spread across its worldwide offices.

Watch this space in coming weeks, to learn more about MoneyCorp!


Putt Legal are your specialists in Immigration Law. We can assist you in making your migration to Australia seamless.

The Australian visa process can be complex and confusing; our lawyers work with you to guide you through every step of the way.

We are highly qualified and experienced in immigration law matters and are committed to providing expert advice in every individual case.

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