Are you currently unlawfully (i.e. hold no valid visa) in Australia?

If so you should contact the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (and Putt Legal!) as soon as possible to discuss your options – it is possible that the Department will grant you a bridging visa (BVE) which temporarily allows you to remain in Australia while your immigration matter is resolved. BVEs are most commonly used where:

  • a visa application is being considered

  • a legal process is underway

  • a person is making plans to depart Australia.

If your visa has just expired, you should come and see us as soon as possible to apply for a new visa. If you are located in the community without a visa, you could be detained and removed from Australia. The sooner you see us, the more options you may have.

To be considered for the grant or renewal of a BVE, you will need to visit the Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS), who are located in departmental offices in every capital city.

You can phone CSRS for information about expired visas or BVEs. You can do this anonymously and seek general information or you can speak to the operator in more detail about your circumstances.

Telephone: 1300 853 773 131 450 (for interpreting assistance)

More information, including frequently asked questions, is available at:


Putt Legal are your specialists in Immigration Law. We can assist you in making your migration to Australia seamless.

The Australian visa process can be complex and confusing; our lawyers work with you to guide you through every step of the way.

We are highly qualified and experienced in immigration law matters and are committed to providing expert advice in every individual case.

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