Has the No Further Stay condition 8503 been imposed on your visa whilst in Australia?

​If condition 8503 has been imposed on your visa, it means you cannot apply for another visa (other than a protection visa or a temporary visa of a specified kind) to extend your stay while you are in Australia. However, there may be circumstances where you can apply for a waiver from the Department as to the application of this condition. Putt Legal/ Perth Migration Agent can assist you with regard to further consideration of these matters.

What visas is condition 8503 imposed on?

Condition 8503 can be imposed on many visitor and temporary residence visas. However, condition 8503 is a mandatory condition of the following visas:

Visitor visa (subclass 600) for the following streams:

  • Sponsored family stream

  • Approved destination status scheme stream operating out of the People’s Republic of China

  • Tourist stream for applicants who have sponsorship imposed on them

  • Training and Research visa (subclass 402) for the professional development stream only

  • Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462) if you have previously held two subclass 462 visas.

What are requirements for waiver?

To obtain a waiver you must satisfy the Immigration Department that:

  • The circumstances that have developed since you were granted the visa are both compassionate and compelling

  • You had no control over these circumstances

  • These circumstances have resulted in a major change to your personal circumstances.


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